Friday, October 23, 2009

My son, the starving artist

     Last night's low cost dinner got mixed reviews. I was happy because it was super easy to make. Cameron ate it without a complaint because there was meat in the meal (ham in the soup.) Also, the beer before dinner mellowed him out a bit.
     Austin, however, was another story. Initially, he picked the ham out of the soup and ate that. Sweet potato - nuh uh, no way, not even with maple syrup. Sliced red peppers? "I'm not eating tomatoes!!!" Even his favourite cole-slaw was deemed tainted, as the other vegetables had touched it.
     I was out for the evening at a Parents' Council meeting (aka PTA) and when I came back, Cam recounted Austin's further reaction to the meal. After much complaining and refusing of the meal in front of him, Austin was sent to his room by Cam, to have "quiet time" (ie: colouring or reading, no DS) if he wasn't going to eat. When it was time for bed, Austin was knee-deep in drawing pictures, and they had a bit of a discussion:
Cameron: C'mon Austin, time to wrap up and get ready for bed.
Austin: Awww....Dad....I'm busy colouring. I'm not done yet. I want to finish my art.
Cameron: You can work on your art tomorrow.
Austin: Tomorrow? Why? What's for dinner tomorrow night?

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