Sunday, October 25, 2009

Interview with a Carnivore

Today we're talking meat with Cam the Carnivore. He believes a meal is just a snack if there's no meat.

Elaine: You've just returned from Sal's , our local butcher/grocer.  What did you get?
Cameron: Mushrooms and 2 striploin steaks. I went there to buy t-bones, but I didn't like the cut of them so I got the striploins instead.
Elaine: What's the difference? I know I'm not the only one who gets confused when buying steak.
Cameron: A t-bone is double-sided. It has a piece of striploin in it, and a piece of filet. Striploin is just striploin. When I looked at the t-bones, I noticed Sal had chopped off too much of the filet, so since they were mainly striploin at that point, I just bought striploins. No point paying extra for filets that aren't really there.
Elaine: When buying steak, how do you know what to get? What are your thoughts?
Cameron: With steak, you should spend the money to make it worthwhile. If you're in for a penny, you might as well pay for the pound, as the expression goes. A lot of people buy sirloins that aren't a very good cut, and wind up with a less flavourful and sometimes chewy piece of meat. Shop around, buy good steak when it's on sale, since one of the grocery chains will always have something good on sale.
Elaine: What cuts would you recommend? What's good?
Cameron: T-bones and striploins. Filet's good but it can be pricey. Have filet when you're at a corporate event, ha ha.
Elaine: I've seen you get a roast and have it cut into steaks. What kind of roast is best for this?
Cameron: Rib roast. Just ask the butcher to cut it for you. Or cut it at home. Presto - you have rib steaks.
Elaine: What about steak for stir-frying or for fajitas?
Cameron: I personally like using good steaks, because of the better taste. If you're on a budget, use the "stir fry steaks", but sometimes they are a gamble because they can be tough or not have great flavour.
Elaine: Can you freeze steaks? If you find a good deal and stock up, what are they like later?
Cameron: I think they are not quite as tasty frozen then thawed, but if you got a good deal, then it's still worthwhile.
Elaine: So basically, go for the "champagne taste" in terms of buying the good cuts of meat, but look for ways to lower the cost when buying it.
Cameron: Exactly.
Elaine: By the way, what did your Sal's trip cost?
Cameron: $1 for the mushrooms, and the steaks were $3 apiece. Pretty good deal.
Elaine: Bargoon! Thanks, Cam.

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