Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't Tempt Me

     Today I bought 2 much-needed new tires for my car. I had replaced the other 2 about a year ago. Much as I love the service and staff at my local Volvo dealership, I knew that I'd pay less for tires at a tire shop. Having checked out prices and availability in advance, I had an appointment at noon, at Active Green & Ross  Sounds like a law firm but no lawyers, just tires.
     I knew this lunch was going to be expensive, in the neighbourhood of $375 for tires, labour, tire disposal fee, taxes, and all, everything but an actual lunch. Initially, I had thought I'd grab a fast food lunch in the adjacent shopping centre and then do some browsing, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I am lousy at window shopping. I'd wind up being tempted to shop as a time-filler, and the total cost of my trip to the tire shop would grow well beyond the tire bill.
     Although it felt kind of lame to pack a little lunch, I actually enjoyed my peanut butter sandwich, banana, and water in the customer lounge. It felt kind of like a school lunch, what with my water in one of Austin's water bottles (Olympic hockey themed, no less.) Of course you aren't allowed peanut butter in school lunches any more, so I could pretend mine was an illegal sandwich. Lauren had her lunch there too, and we both enjoyed a bit of t.v. while we waited. I also chatted with an 80-year-old man and a 2-year-old girl.
     When it came time to pay for the tires, somehow it didn't seem to sting as much, knowing I hadn't spent any more than just on the tires. Much as I'd love to imagine I could reallocate my saved money to something fun and 'champagne-y', I am also due for a visit to my Volvo service friends in the near future. Wasn't tempted today because I outsmarted myself. And I've got a fine pair of Michelins to show for it.

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