Friday, October 30, 2009

Grocery Budget Challenge - week 2 update

     I'm well into the 2nd week of the Grocery Budget Challenge and it's going pretty darn well, thankya very much. In week 1, I spent $26.00 and Cam spent $38.00. The $75 I had allocated was for myself, so I'm quite amazed as a team we came in at $64.00.
     This week, Cam was away on business for a few days, so all his meals were covered. It would be easy to suggest more business travel for Cam to reduce personal spending on food, but what we'd save in groceries would be spent on alcohol for me to keep my sanity. Anyone with a 7-year-old who argues like a lawyer will know exactly what I'm talking about.
     This week I've yet to hit the groc shop, but the $375 I spent on tires certainly took a bite out of my wallet. Made a trip to The Shwa (that's local lingo for Oshawa, a town just east of Toronto) this morning to exchange some baby clothes for Lauren that are brand new and too small.
     Straight exchange at Carter's for a bigger size of sleepers and onesies. Had to get a totally different outfit at Please Mum because for the fabulous fleece vest and matching cords we were returning, there were none left in a larger size. Dang. So, we got a yoga outfit instead. It's not just moms running around in yoga pants, no sirree. Tiny little girls wear them too, apparently. Spent all of $0.02 because I returned $34.98 worth of clothes and bought $35.00. Gave them my 2 cents worth, as it were. 
     On my way through Chapters to the parking lot, I noticed a cookbook for homemade baby food. It's Blender Baby Food by Nicole Young. If I can eliminate or reduce the cost of jarred baby foods and cook something healthier for Lauren (when she starts eating solids), then I'm all for it. Austin, as a baby, ate several jars per meal, and the grocery bills were definately higher while he was in his jarred food phase. And, since  I am an absolute junkie for cookbooks, any opportunity to pick up another cookbook is cool by me.
     As I stood in line to pay for the book, I was eyeing the cds displayed for sale. Picked up the new Michael Buble one. Put it down. Picked it up. Had an argument with myself, along the lines of, "Oh it's a treat. No, you can't afford treats, you spent $375 on tires this week!" Finally put it down with the resolve to put it on my Christmas wish list instead. Spent $15.08 for the cookbook and left. This demonstration of will-power and resisting a drive-thru at lunchtime has definately earned me a glass of wine tonight. Is it 5:00 yet?

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