Saturday, April 12, 2014

Patience and Karma

I'm a cookbook junkie. I have a collection  of close to 100 of them and love them all. I read cookbooks in bed like most people read a good novel.

I love the possibilities in the cookbooks and I love learning how to make amazing meal experience. My idea of a great night is cooking an awesome meal and enjoying it with my family, with wine and music. I enjoy going to restaurants but I also enjoy making a gorgeous restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of my own home and savouring the challenge of getting messy make something fantastic. I also like saving a few bucks to reinject into quality food and quality  wine.

So today I went to The Village (Value Village) to pick up some leggings for Lauren the Leggings Junkie and next thing I knew I was shopping like a maniac  to kit up our recently-purchased cottage. (Will post my cottage kitting haul later.) And then I was looking at cookbooks, since our cottage will need cookbooks as well. I plan to cook really simple meals there but I also plan to cook some hardcore awesomeness as well. And a house without cookbooks is a really bad state of affairs in my opinion.

As I browsed the cookbooks, I remembered "the one that got away" yet again. It's not just people who fish or romantics who reminisce about the one who escaped their grasp. Cookbook junkies have this sense as well.

A few years ago, as I browsed cookbooks at The Village, just as I was about to flip through "The French Laundry Cookbook", the woman next to me selected it and put it in her cart. Gone. I didn't know much about it at the time but had a feeling it was something good. I later found out was an awesome cookbook that had won "Cookbook of the Year" when it was published. (That's like the Oscars for cookbook junkies! Imagine walking the red carpet..."Who are you wearing?" Sigh...)

This particular book (fix) remained on my wish list although I was not willing to pay full pop at retail for it. (I never, ever pay full retail for anything.) And every time I browsed the cookbooks at The Village, I remembered the one that got away. Not in a psycho kind of way but just a brief flash of push anyone out of the way who reaches for anything while I'm browsing. Just kidding. No I'm not.

So today I was picking through the books when I noticed one lying flat on the shelf under a few books.  Pulled it out and...
Ahhhhhhh!!! Angels sang, harps were strummed, and unicorns doled out lollipops to everyone!  "The French Laundry Cookbook"! 

As I placed it in my cart I wondered: Maybe that woman never bought the book and it sat there for years? Maybe she donated it back again? Or maybe I was just patient and have good karma. Maybe I'm reading way too much into a random episode but I don't think so. 
Regardless,  I am feeling like the elusive book for my collection (addiction?) has found its way home. Can't wait to get my hands dirty, playing with the gorgeous recipes. Turn on the music and pour me some wine!

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