Friday, April 25, 2014

Cottage Kitchen Haul from The Village

We bought a cottage recently and while we've not yet taken possession of it, we are certainly taking possession of items to kit it out and are shopping and stockpiling like an episode of "Hoarders." But in a good way. By the way, plenty more to come about The Cottage. Trust me, I never shut up about it. Consider yourself fairly warned.

A couple Saturdays ago, under the guise of buying yet another pair of leggings (or jeggings or skeggings) for Lauren, I swung by The Village (Value Village for the uninitiated.) In addition to replenishing the legging supply and making my lucky cookbook find (see April 12th post), I took a real good look through the "kitchen stuff" for a few items on our cottage supplies list. 

As always, at The Village, there are treasures to be found, amid the kitcsch, the bizarre, and the "eww, where's the hand sanitizer?" items. I mean - water bottles - who is going to buy a used, plastic water bottle? I gag at the thought. And lingerie. Let's not even go there.

I saw a bunch of crock pots but have decided to hold off on buying one, since I don't know that I would actually use one at the cottage. I plan to cook differently there (as in fresh and leisurely and somewhat wine-lubricated versus "throw something in the crock pot on the way out the door to work!") so I took a pass. And while we're in the market for some decent random pots and pans to supplement our partial set, I didn't find anything to meet that need yet. If I was in the market for beat up pots, I'd have been set. Just sayin'. 

So now that I've told you what I didn't buy, here's what I did get:

- Large white serving platter - perfect for a plate of mixed grill (steak, salmon, chicken, etc.) or the Thanksgiving turkey
- smaller apple-motif  "cottagey" serving platter for appetizers, vegetables, etc.
- hip looking 4-part appetizer dish
- glass measuring cup
- salad spinner
- muffin tin
- a whack of acrylic stemware, including wine and champagne glasses. Yeah, I know, I say I won't drink out of someone's plastic water bottle but I bought plastic glasses. I'm not always logical.
- 4 brand spanking new with labels still on them Isaac Mizrahi hot pink and white linen-look napkins that can double as placements if the kids don't cover them in spaghetti sauce, gert, and schmenk.

I washed all the items in hot temperatures and plenty of cleaning product so we're all set. 

Total cost for my haul? $34.00! Brilliant!

Here's a picture of my purchases:

And here's Coco photobombing/admiring my purchases:

She wishes she could shop at The Village.

More Value Village haulage to come, I'm sure, so stay tuned!

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