Thursday, September 16, 2010

Self-Discipline Challenge - Day 5 check in

     I'm 5 days into my "self-discipline challenge" and I'm feeling kind of "meh" about my progress. First the good news - I've gotten through some yuckaroo tasks:
  • cleaned the cache of horrors under Lauren's high-chair seat cushion
  • filed the 2009 T5500 (cross referencing T5558) to the IRS, for my company's 401(k) (In plain English: boring, necessary, complicated paperwork for the U.S. government)
  • signed Austin up for Cub Scouts
  • exercised patience while ensuring Austin's guitar practice occurred
  • accomplished some gift shopping for 2 kids' birthdays and a business event
     I am, however, disappointed and a bit concerned about my performance vis-a-vis being able to get out of bed in the morning. My Day 2 commitment (and the only commitment I set for that day) was to only hit the 'snooze' button once. An hour later and close to 8 snooze whacks later, it plain did not happen. Same story for Day 4 and Day 5. What's worse is our persistent and at times annoying cat is my back-up alarm clock, nipping and poking my chin incessantly from the sound of that first "beep" of the day. You'd think I'd say "to hell with it" and get up, rather than pulling the covers over my head and hoping the cat would go bother Cameron instead.
     Ah, but what about Day 3 you ask? Well, Day 3 was no problem because I was anxious to see an article in the Globe & Mail, in which I'd been interviewed and my family photographed with respect to breaking news about medical breakthrough for Pre-Eclampsia.  Admittedly, pulling off the interview and photoshoot on virtually no notice was definately a sign of commitment on my part, but I find it worrisome that it takes a media event to get me out of bed on time. It was all for a good cause, the Pre-Eclampsia Foundation, so I'll cut myself some slack and give myself kudos that I managed to get up on time once this week.
     Tomorrow I will try again to take my alarm clock seriously. And the darn cat. Maybe she can get me out of bed on time. Truly, the ultimate test of self-descipline boils down to "Can I get up in the morning?" Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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