Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 7 of Self-Discipline Challenge

     I definately exercised self-discipline yesterday, primarily in the area of emotional and verbal self-control. At work, I have been doing damage-control and being very diplomatic while an employee "situation" which never should have happened has been unfurling and unravelling over the past few days. As always, I am in the uncomfortable position between a rock and a hard place, navigating a land mine while trying to push a rope uphill. The invisible duct-tape keeping me from verbally unloading is the realization that I can't control anyone else's behaviours, and ultimately, they are accountable for outcomes of events they create.
     In the afternoon, I had some medical appointments to take care of and decided to be early rather than stressed out and late for them. In preparation for a scheduled surgery later this month (nothing serious!), I had to swing by the surgeon's office to pick up my hospital prep package, then head off to my 3:30 pre-admitting appointment at the hospital. En route to the hospital, I realized I was 45 minutes early. Self-discipline was exercised in not stopping off at Ikea (across the road from the hospital, how convenient!) to kill some time, because I knew one can shop fast there but getting through the cashier lines is a whole other exercise in self-control and patience. So I headed to the GO Station parking lot (thus dodging the hospital's crazy parking rates), parked, and headed in early to my appointment.
     I was all ready to sweet-talk the nurse into taking me early, when she advised me I was right on time. Apparently I was booked for 3:00, however, the surgeon's secretary had told me 3:30. Forget being late, had I been on time I would have missed my appointment. Cripes. Good thing I was early. All went well and it wasn't too bad, despite having to go for blood tests in the lab. I didn't even faint this time.
     The ultimate demonstration of self-discipline, the piece de resistance, however, occurred at dinner last night. After a trying week and promises to myself that there would be wine at dinner (oh yes, there will be wine!), when we got up this morning, I remarked to Cameron how odd it was that we drank less than a bottle of wine last night. While I claim this is self-discipline, I suspect on my part it was just plain exhaustion and not wanting to have wine flu the next day. The kicker, however, was I still woke up with a headache this morning. How is that fair?
     At any rate, today I've knocked a few things off my list of things I don't want to do but have to, and am waist-deep in organizing our linen closet. Sounds simple but if you saw the explosion of bedding, tablecloths and one facecloth for every child in America, you wouldn't believe it all fit in there in the first place. All I want to know, aside from the meaning of life, is what exactly is the right way to fold a fitted sheet?

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  1. You just roll it up in a ball as far as I am concerned.