Sunday, April 4, 2010

Target Reunion

     Last week when I visited my Buffalo office, I finally got my long-awaited Target fix. It was a reunion of sorts, having not had any red cart romance since early November. I had to make it a quick visit since I left the office late and still had the 2 1/2+ hour ride home ahead of me, not counting any possible time-consuming shenanigans at the border.
     I was impressed by the selection of spring dresses, cardigans and tops. Lots of brightly coloured sheaths, very much like you see in Mad Men. Unfortunately, none of them fit my skinny-yet-flabby post-baby body. I reassured myself that this disappointment might be fixed in a few weeks with a trip to Ann Taylor, where the clothes tend to fit me better.
     Another disappointment was my realization that Isaac Mizrahi has left the building. I never had a lot of luck with his clothes, but the shoes and accessories were always fabulous. In fact, as I stood scanning wallets, looking to replace my current white Mizrahi one which is showing signs of age, that's when the thunderbolt of realization hit that my beloved Isaac had ended his red cart romance. Sigh.
     So, I made my usual rounds and picked up some basics. Tom's of Maine lavender-scented natural deodorant for $4, as opposed to twice that in Canada. Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 @ $13, Boots No. 7 translucent powder stick ($13), and No. 7 Extravagant Lashes mascara ($8). Also hit the food areas, scoring Easter chocolate bargains, baby cereal, and Target's private label version of Lucky Charms for about 1/3 of the branded version's price. No go with toothpaste, which seemed to be more expensive than what I usually buy at home.
     I'm feeling a bit disappointed with my red cart romance reunion. Maybe it was the rushed visit rather than my usual lingering glances around the store. Maybe it's Isaac's marked absence. Maybe it's my disappointment in the No. 7 mascara, which goes on like wet, brown children's watercolour paints and makes my lashes look gunky. I don't know, but I will explore my feelings again at another visit soon. Perhaps MY red cart romance is ending and I've outgrown Target? It's not you baby, it's me...
     I did, however, discover CCRA has hired a fresh batch of young, cute border customs agents. While the shopping wasn't great, it was painless, almost pleasurable, confessing my (minor) shopping sins to the hot but young enough to be my son customs agent. Now if that's not a silver lining, I don't know what is.

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