Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Sentiments

     It can be quite surprising where we find our moments of calm in this crazy, mixed-up world. Today, after a whirlwind of household tasks, phonecalls, banking, and bill paying, followed by heading out for a drive-clean test for my car and a trip to the DMV, I arrived home. (Or rather, we did, as Lauren was along for the ride.) After shutting off the car, rather than run into the house, I did something I never do - I sat in the car, enjoyed the calm, and just breathed in that paused moment.
     For a half a second, I had a "if anyone sees me they'll wonder what I'm doing" thought, but since it was raining and I was in no hurry, I flushed that thought and just sat. Sitting parked in the driveway felt like being at the drive-in for a reality t.v. show, although there were no signs of activity in our neighbourhood. There was just the rain on my sunroof, surprisingly soft for November rainfall. Lauren was sleeping, silent but for a "sniff, sniff, sniff, haaaaah" breath taking her deeper into whatever it is that babies dream of. My next-door-neighbour Allison's snapdragons were taking a last shot of gaiety, completely disregarding the dead leaves and naked shrubs around them. "Good for them", I thought, "Do not go quietly and all that."
     Our patio, made for us by Kim and Chris' landscaping company. The mulch - brown not the orange Cam and I had argued over. The Christmas ornaments on the porch. The urn that had summered full of flowers given to us by a grateful acquaintance, for rescuing her lost cat. The Christmas wreaths on the doors, that I'd made last year when I was newly pregnant. Our house, when a roof over our heads is a dream-come-true for others during these tough times. Our neighbours, our friends, the community, people.
     A sense of gratitude washed over me as I just stopped and observed and breathed. Who'd have thought that sitting in the car in the driveway would lead to, as Kim would call it, a "moment of being?" So much to be thankful for.
     So, on the eve of Thanksgiving in the U.S., may I offer my sentiments that truly, the best things in life are free and we should be thankful for our people who surround us and for the blessings we've been given. To all my American friends, family, and colleagues, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!   

Wild turkey wandering in our 'hood last summer.

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